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At Muslim Pro & Qalbox, we focus on the everyday Muslim life. We are the digital destination that everyone calls home. We provide religious tools, a personalised stream of content, and ideas that engage, inspire, and support the diverse Muslim community – around the clock, around the world. We are diverse a bunch of individuals of different nationalities across geographic regions. We are part of the Muslim community and are committed to the cause of progressing Muslim life.


Fara Abdullah

South East Asia is home to over 275 million Muslims, which translates to 42% of the region’s total population. The massive Muslim population size serves as a reminder to us that there is an ocean of opportunities waiting to be tapped. As a leading technology company, Muslim Pro is in a unique position to utilise digital innovation to help Muslims in South East Asia (and infact all around the world!) to practise their faith.

With innovation comes the burning desire to learn, discover and continuously seek ways to improve ourselves. It is extremely important to us as a brand to live by this and that is how we can come up with useful features and products to better serve the Muslim community. If you are looking for a place to quench your thirst for knowledge and freedom to innovate, we are the right place for you.

Nik Emir Din

Co-CEO at Bitsmedia, publisher of the Muslim Pro app

Fara Abdullah

Actions are by their intentions [Sahih Bukhari]

And at Muslim Pro, our intentions are guided by the unwavering purpose to serve the global Muslim community. This forms the beating heart that is shared among the people at Muslim Pro and it is that shared purpose that has led us to where we are today – the most popular and the most loved Muslim app in the world!

Muslim Pro is also always innovating which means that there is an abundance of new projects waiting to take off. For that reason, we are always looking for talents and people with skills and experiences to take the brand to the next level. If you are up for an exciting journey ahead, you are right where you need to be! Check out our openings and we look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Fara Abdullah

Co-CEO at Bitsmedia, publisher of the Muslim Pro app


Muslim Pro is a tech brand with roles across several functions. This includes platform and mobile engineering, product, content, marketing, and many more.

We strongly believe that a respect for diversity is what unites individuals regardless of their beliefs and we want to be ambassadors of peace between Muslims and non-Muslims. Being in this highly diverse team composition with many multicultural backgrounds is an experience not all companies can offer.

Platform Engineering ➔

Platform Engineering ➔

Muslim Pro's Platform Engineering TeamMuslim Pro's Platform Engineering team is responsible for building the robust infrastructure of Muslim Pro. This includes works around: Cloud computing Web development Data analysis Data wrangling Data protection and governance If...

Mobile Engineering ➔

Mobile Engineering ➔

Muslim Pro's Mobile Engineering Team  Being in the Mobile Engineering team at Muslim Pro means you are the superstar of the company! Muslim Pro is essentially a mobile application and you will be in the thick of developing and managing the development of the...

Product ➔

Product ➔

Muslim Pro's Product TeamBe the link that connects design, engineering, research, and data! Your ideas contribute to developing and growing the Muslim Pro app - a product that is recognised and loved by Muslims all over the world! As part of the Product team, you will...

Community ➔

Community ➔

Muslim Pro's Community TeamMuslim Pro's Community Team is made up of creative and analytical thinkers who are passionate about strengthening the nodes between Muslims globally. Join the Community Team and engage with our 100 million (and counting) Muslim users all...

Marketing ➔

Marketing ➔

Muslim Pro's Marketing & Communications Team The Marketing Team at Muslim Pro essentially strategises how the brand positions and communicates its ethos and vision — which is to inspire and empower the global Muslim community through tech. On a more granular...

People, Finance, Legal ➔

People, Finance, Legal ➔

Muslim Pro's Finance, Legal, & HR Muslim Pro's Finance, Legal, & HR department is the foundation that supports Muslim Pro's overall activities and functions. The Legal unit reviews any contract or agreement for the various departments; they work to identify...


Passion & inspiration form our beating heart.

At Muslim Pro, we strongly believe in inspiring others. While the Muslim Pro app inspires Muslims all over the world, internally within the company, we inspire each other.

We inspire each other with knowledge.

We inspire each other with our skills and experiences.

We inspire each other to be good.

Every one of us at Muslim Pro is also bound by a shared passion and dedication – to serve the global Muslim community. It is the driving force and beating heart of the Muslim Pro brand and it is what leads us to become the world’s leading Muslim lifestyle app.


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