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As a Content and Partnerships Executive, you will be responsible for managing the content  and partnership strategy and operations to enhance the platform’s offering and increase our  customer base. You will work closely with internal teams and external partners to deliver a  compelling content library and drive business growth through strategic partnerships. 


1. Content Strategy:  

Develop and implement a content strategy that aligns with the platform’s goals and  target audience. Identify key genres and themes to focus on, considering market  trends and audience preferences. 

2. Content Acquisition:  

Identify and acquire high-quality content through effective relationships with  content distributors, production houses, and other content providers. 

3. Content Curation:  

Lead the curation of content on the platform, ensuring a diverse and appealing  library. Monitor user feedback and analytics to make data-driven decisions on  content selection, organization, and categorization.

4. Partnerships:  

Identify and establish strategic partnerships with content creators, influencers, and  media agencies to enhance the platform’s content offerings and increase brand  visibility. Collaborate with partners to co-create exclusive content and launch  marketing campaigns.

5. Relationship Management:  

Build and maintain strong relationships with internal stakeholders and external  partners. Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, such as marketing,  technical, and finance, to ensure seamless execution of partnership initiatives.

6. Performance Analysis:  

Analyze content performance metrics, user behavior, and market trends to evaluate  content effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement. Provide regular  reports and insights to management to inform strategic decisions.

7. Competitive Analysis:  

Stay updated on industry trends, competitor activities, and emerging content  consumption patterns. Conduct market analysis and benchmarking to identify  potential partnership opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. 


  • Minimum a Diploma holder of any discipline.  
  • Have a work-related experience or in a similar capacity.  
  • Preferably from Video Streaming background.  
  • Based in Singapore. 
  • Only Singapore PR and/or Singaporean may apply.